Friday, November 30, 2007

Beat the Market in 07'-08' !

AU, AMTD, C, CBH, CIT, FMD, PSPT, THC, there you have the quick and dirty I've been hiding for about 4 months now, these are the good guys, if you don't believe me, check out their behind the scene moves, I've been so excited I had to share the news. Sure go ahead and add them to your watchlist. But if you want more like those your gonna have to ask for them. Oh, and they were on my watchlist.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


12/10/03 was the day I met FMD, it was just an ordinary day of good fundamentals, and just breaking out on the emerging BULL scene, well let me tell you, FMD has been a mighty good company for my portfolio.  You can read this one like a book, if you know what I mean. Got it heavily oversold/shorted and is going to gap fill any day now at least to the forty range this month and from there I would expect a continuing bull pattern into 08'. 


On 11/27 I bought VMW calls now +17.35/23.60% reviewing my Sept. 18 entry at 75.38 at the base of the cup when I figured the price to be undervalued and saw a rise to +49.55/65.75%.  


+3.56/10% in 6 days.  I hope you followed through, I did the math for you at the right entry, and I'd expect you to continue to profit throughout this quarter.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Watchlist/Past Performers


Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm long on Commerce Bank (CBH) and TD Ameritrade (AMTD), they've high surburban visibility, and well established buisness greatly unaffected by the sub-prime mortgage crap. TD is Listed by Barron’s as the #1 Web browser-based online broker and Forbes as one of America's best big companies, the Company’s full spectrum of services include a leading active trader program and long-term investor solutions, including a national branch system, as well as relationships with one of the largest networks of independent registered investment advisors. CBH was recently acquired by AMTD, they're set up to perform well with increased margins throughout the year.

Market recap of my first watchlist

CEO 14.69 /9.24% , GS 6.97 /3.33% , RIG 4.5 /3.69% , GSF 3.2 /3.88%, STP 4.31 /6.76%, SLV 3.18/ 3.88%, JEC 2.16 /2.86%, DO 2.02/ 1.8%.

The first of many

Hello, my name is BIG BROTHER, some of you may already know my character, but that's not what this blog was intended for. However we will discuss stocks, republican polititians, and the occasional lighthearted moment. Bear with me, we are entering a transition to a bull market, now what does that mean? We're going to get right down to it, yes the bottom line where transition meets opportunity, and where the common man doesn't argue with the well to do.