Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That's a nice descending wedge with triple tops, I'm thinking a short squeeze is in order as the expiration volume was shy of the stocks true valuation as the options holders of December are a group of dreamer types, however the January call effect will not be so easygoing as the stock has seen recent dumping ahead of the much anticipated mid January correction likely to effect the whole market for a week or two due to the mortgage debacle reports to come, this stock is hugely overpriced I can see it reaching 2.5 in about 3 weeks.  The dreamers wont be so sure to invest in downgraded china stocks reputed for weak fundamentals during the correction, they'll hear of bank liquidity issues and stunted China growth that was largely fueled by banks fueling the SUVS of upper middle class investors they courted like some early bloomers at the lakehouse. 

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